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Add some missing ChangeLog entries, based on the git commit messages

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* Protocol-v3.html: Random exponents in SMP should be 1536 bits.
The spec (but not the code) incorrectly said "128 bits" before.
* packaging/fedora/libotr.spec: Fedora spec file for 4.x from
Paul Wouters <>
* toolkit/sesskeys.c: Workaround for a crash bug in libgcrypt
affecting otr_sesskeys. Passing a private key value of 0 to
otr_sesskeys would cause libgcrypt to crash in gcry_mpi_powm.
We reported this libgcrypt bug and it was then fixed in
but the workaround is simply to use
gcry_mpi_new(DH1536_MOD_LEN_BITS) instead of gcry_mpi_new(0).
Note that this only affected the otr_sesskeys toolkit program,
and not libotr itself.
Thanks to the Mayhem Team at CMU (Alexandre Rebert, Thanassis
Avgerinos, Sang Kil Cha, David Brumley, Manuel Egele) for the
* src/message.c: pass opdata when sending message fragment
The inject_message callback was missing the opdata when sending
message fragments. Thanks to David Goulet <>
for the report.
* src/message.c: Copy lastmessage to the newly created context.
This fixes a case where the first user message gets lost when
OTRL_POLICY_REQUIRE_ENCRYPTION policy is set because after
establishing the encryption lastmessage remains with the master
context and will not be resent. Thanks to Andreas Schlick
<> for the report.
* Make linker hardening [DEP, ALSR] work on
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