Commit d5ba80c8 authored by Ian Goldberg's avatar Ian Goldberg
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Add a ChangeLog entry for the changes from Paul's report

parent c73a5d6c
* src/message.c, src/instag.c, toolkit/parse.c, src/sm.c,
src/proto.c, src/privkey.c, src/auth.c, src/context.[ch]:
Fix some memory leaks, some NULL pointer handling, and
compilation warnings. Thanks to Paul Wouters
<> for the report.
* src/message.c: Better handling of OTRv3 fragments.
* src/b64.[ch], src/proto.c, toolkir/parse.c: Clean up the
* src/b64.[ch], src/proto.c, toolkit/parse.c: Clean up the
previous b64 patch and apply it to all places where
otrl_base64_decode() is called.
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