Commit a7dc24c2 authored by Ian Goldberg's avatar Ian Goldberg

Don't do the "check which key is bigger" dance with the master context

If we receive a COMMIT message after sending our own COMMIT, it used to
be the case that this was a simultaneous attempt to start OTR from each
side.  Now it's much more likely that one side sent its COMMIT some time
in the past, but it stuck around in the master context, just in case
some other logged in instance of the buddy is still going to respond
with a DHKEY message.  So if we now receive a COMMIT *to* the master
context, ignore the old COMMIT we sent, and always use the received one
to start a new SIGMA protocol.
parent 4d6d7f47
......@@ -298,6 +298,9 @@ gcry_error_t otrl_auth_handle_commit(OtrlAuthInfo *auth,
size_t buflen, lenp, enclen, hashlen;
int res;
/* Are we the auth for the master context? */
int is_master = (auth->context->m_context == auth->context);
res = otrl_base64_otr_decode(commitmsg, &buf, &buflen);
if (res == -1) goto memerr;
if (res == -2) goto invval;
......@@ -358,8 +361,13 @@ gcry_error_t otrl_auth_handle_commit(OtrlAuthInfo *auth,
/* We sent a D-H Commit Message, and we also received one
* back. Compare the hashgx values to see which one wins. */
if (memcmp(auth->hashgx, hashbuf, 32) > 0) {
* back. If we're the master context, then the keypair in here
* is probably stale; we just kept it around for a little
* while in case some other logged in instance of our buddy
* replied with a DHKEY message. In that case, use the
* incoming parameters. Otherwise, compare the hashgx
* values to see which one wins. */
if (!is_master && memcmp(auth->hashgx, hashbuf, 32) > 0) {
/* Ours wins. Ignore the message we received, and just
* resend the same D-H Commit message again. */
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