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......@@ -201,7 +201,17 @@ Bob (using a mobile device), who wants to communicate with Alice, will:
receive all messages in all the devices he supports. She will
answer back by performing the same mechanism.
// TODO: instance tags will have to be generated prior to
**To note**
* If a device advertises that they only use a certain mode (for example, the
'OTRv4-interactive-only' mode), then any received messaged will be handled
according to the mode (if in a 'OTRv4-interactive-only' mode, an offline
message is received, for example, the message should be discarded).
* A session is destroyed (with each conversation with every device) once a
TLV Type 1 Disconnected is sent.
* Instance tags are generated prior to the start of any conversation
* For verification of long-term key material, Trust-on-first-use (TOFU)
can be used.
#### Proposal for OTR version 4 and XMPP
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