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March 23, 2015:
I've been fleshing out Decaf, and hopefully the API is somewhere
near final. I will probably move a few things around and add a
scalar inversion command (for AugPAKE and such).
I've built a "decaf_fast" implementation which is about as fast as
Goldilocks, except that verification still isn't as fast, because
it needs a precomputed wNAF table which I haven't implemented yet.
Precomputation is noticeably faster than in Goldilocks; while
neither is especially optimized, the extended point format works
slightly better for that purpose.
While optimizing decaf_fast I also found a minor perf problem in
the constant time lookup code, so that's fixed (I hope?) and
everything is faster at least on my test machine.
At some point soon-ish, I'd like to start removing the base
Goldilocks code from this branch. That will require porting more
of the tests. I might make a C++ header for Decaf, which would
definitely simplify testing.
March 1, 2015:
While by no means complete or stable, I've done most of the ground
work to implement the "Decaf" point encoding. This point encoding
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