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October 13, 2017:
OK, back to preparations for 1.0, today with major changes.
Another group (Isis Lovecruft and Henry de Valence) implemented
Decaf for Ed25519, whereas this code was implemented for IsoEd25519.
These curves are isogenous, but not exactly the same, so the
encodings all came out differently.
To harmonize these two so that there is only one implementation
for Ed25519, we've hammered out a compromise implementation called
Ristretto. This is different from the old Decaf encoding in two
major ways:
* It checks the sign of x on Ed25519 instead of IsoEd25519.
* It considers a number "negative" if its low bit is set,
instead of its high bit.
To avoid extra branches in the code, Ed448Goldilocks is also
getting these changes to match Ristretto.
The C++ class is also renamed to Ristretto, but IsoEd25519 is a
synonym for that class.
We might need to check the high bit again instead of low bit if
E-521 is ever implemented, but I'll special case it then.
April 22, 2017:
Remove STROBE in preparation for 1.0 release. STROBE has its own
repo now at I might re-integrate
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