Unverified Commit a4c3db46 authored by Ola Bini's avatar Ola Bini
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Add rest of EdDSA RFC test vectors. Also test of EdDSA verify, of test vectors.

parent 8c78e379
......@@ -522,6 +522,15 @@ static void test_cfrg_vectors() {
for (unsigned i=0; i<sig.size(); i++) printf("%02x", sig[i]);
try {
if (!eddsa_prehashed[t]) {
priv.pub().verify(eddsa_sig[t], eddsa_message[t], eddsa_context[t]);
} catch(CryptoException&) {
printf(" EdDSA Verify vector #%d disagree\n", t);
/* X448 */
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