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      E-521-related changes. Not quite ready yet... · 65466601
      Mike Hamburg authored
      This is largely a save-your-work checkin.
      Created p521/arch_ref64 code to make sure E-521 basically works.
      Fixed some of the testing code around E-521.  It doesn't quite pass
      everything yet.
      Created p521/arch_x86_64 code with optimized multiply.  In this
      checkin, the multiply is fast and works, but all the other code in
      that directory is the completely unoptimized ref64 build which
      reduces after every add and sub.  So the whole thing isn't fast yet.
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  9. 21 Oct, 2014 3 commits
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      no perf regression on haswell. Also, factored out field_cond_neg; restored... · edc6afe4
      Mike Hamburg authored
      no perf regression on haswell.  Also, factored out field_cond_neg; restored p448_ prefixes in case of multiple fields in the same lib
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      WARNING: This commit is largely untested. · c6d69dec
      Michael Hamburg authored
      Continuing demagication and factoring of field code.
      Removing high-level ops from p448.h and putting them in field.h.  That way they
      won't need rewriting for new fields and architectures.
      Create constant_time.h which contains constant-time lookups, condswaps, etc.
      That way the code is the same on all architectures, instead of varying depending
      on whether the field size is a multiple of the vector register size.  I should
      still add a constant_time_select to factor out field_cond_negate.
      TODO: I need to test this for correctness and performance on various platforms.
      It works on my Mac, but since Yosemite the timing is totally unpredictable
      (background tasks?  variable boost?).
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      adjust HISTORY · 4ca664e6
      Mike Hamburg authored
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      A few adjustments on contributed patches. · 46c2fb4a
      Mike Hamburg authored
      Undo the INTRINSIC changes from David Leon Gil.
      Turn precomputed keys back on by default.  Change #ifdef to #if for checking sigs.
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      Minor · c699cb29
      David Leon Gil authored
      - Requires review: corrected failure to cast to (mask_t) prior to negation. (Or, if this is wrong; should cast to needed bitwidth explicitly.)
      - Changed type of nwords_out to uint32_t to agree with header.
      - Fixed up various preprocessor statements to check for definition rather than value of built-ins.
      - Added macro to use Clang’s __builtin_readcyclecounter on platforms on which it’s available. (Which is most platforms these days.)
      src/include/magic.h: Preprocessor “if” versus “if defined”.
      src/include/word.h: Fixed ifdefs; enabled support for memset_s on Darwin. Added explicit cast to mask_t.
      Added void to function definitions and declarations in the following files (not including void is okay in modern C++, but not modern C, IIRC):
      include/goldilocks.h, src/crandom.c, src/goldilocks.c, src/include/api.h, src/include/intrinsics.h, test/bench.c, test/test.c, test/test.h, test/test_arithmetic.c, test/test_goldilocks.c, test/test_pointops.c, test/test_scalarmul.c, test/test_sha512.c
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      possibly the eBAT actually works now? · c28723f6
      Mike Hamburg authored
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