Unverified Commit daba66a9 authored by Ola Bini's avatar Ola Bini

Fix small language

parent 3feff6e9
......@@ -224,7 +224,8 @@ preserve the deniability of the overall OTRv4 protocol, Prekey Ensembles should
never be signed in a non-repudiable way. This specification uses a DAKEZ
exchange between the publisher and the Prekey Server to fulfill this need, and
preserve deniability. In addition, a zero-knowledge proof of knowledge is also
used to authenticate the individual public values.
used to demonstrate knowledge of the secrets associated with the individual
public values.
In order to correctly perform the DAKEZ with the publisher, the untrusted Prekey
Server should be able to correctly generate ephemeral ECDH keys and long-term
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