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......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ This is inspired on Mozillas [Community Participation Guidelines](
Remember, that we have zero tolerance with sexism, racism or any kind of
# Code of Conduct
## Code of Conduct
We follow the [Rust Code of Conduct](
and base our ideals on the [Citizen Code of Conduct](
......@@ -112,3 +112,21 @@ you report it by sending an email to . Don't hesitate to reach us
You can always use the pseudonym `cypherpunks` to report an issue or get in
contact with us in an anonymous way.
## Reporting
If you feel that someone from the OTRv4 community has violated the Code of
Conduct or any of the expected behaviors, send an email to
The email should contain:
* Names of the people involved or knowledgeable identifiers.
* Description of the incident in the form of:
<Specific time>
<Observed behavior>
* Relationship between the reporter/reportee.
We will not question you report; but rather research around it. There is no
retaliation that can happen to you if you report. It is your right to report and
it is our right to investigate it ;)
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