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# Running a prekey server on Docker
# Prosody server with a OTRv4 prekey server included
This is to give some inspiration on what needs to be put together.
A docker composed infrastructure containing a prosody xmpp server and a OTRv4 prekey server added to it. It also has some dummy accounts.
NOTE: This server is intended to be used only for local testing.
## Running the xmpp server on Docker
git clone this
cp .env-sample .env
edit .env
docker-compose up
On my setup, I have a XMPP server that listen for connections on
`/run/prosody-components.so`. I have to use a socat container to expose this
inside the docker network bc the XMPP prekey server does not handle unix
If you run everything on docker, you shoudl not have that problem.
## Accounts
user password
alice@localhost alice
bob@localhost bob
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