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    	* tooltipmenu.[ch]: New classes to allow tooltips on menus.
    	* otr-icons.h: New OTR icons from <cyrus_xiii@yahoo.com>.
    	* README:
    	* AUTHORS:
    	* *.[ch]: Update copyright dates to 2004-2008 and add Rob Smits
    	as an author. (Rob wrote the new gtk-dialog stuff to handle user
    	authentication with an explicit question, inserted inline OTR
    	icons into the conversation when the status changes, and moved
    	the OTR button to the menu bar.)
    	* gtk-ui.c: Updated variable names to reflect the (old) change
    	from "OTR Options" to "OTR Settings".
    	* ui.h:
    	* ui.c:
    	* gtk-ui.c: Added new OTR UI Options section of the
    	configuration panel, which currently controls only whether the
    	old OTR button will still show up.
    	* dialogs.h:
    	* dialogs.c:
    	* gtk-dialog.c:
    	* otr-plugin.h:
    	* otr-plugin.c: Support starting the SMP authentication with an
    	explicit question.
    	* otr-plugin.c: Better handling of the case where an SMP message
    	fails a verification step.
    	* configure.ac:
    	* Makefile.mingw: Update version number to 3.2.0.
    	* gtk-dialog.c: Made new OTR menus (one master one, and one for
    	each active conversation in the window) that replace the old OTR
    	button.  [The old button is still available as an option, but
    	the menu is always present.]
    	* gtk-dialog.c: OTR icons are inserted inline into the
    	conversation when the OTR status changes.
    	* configure.ac:
    	* po/ar.po:
    	* po/de.po:
    	* po/ru.po: New translations:
    	Arabic (Ahmad Gharbeia ﺄﺤﻣﺩ ﻍﺮﺒﻳﺓ <gharbeia@gmail.com>),
    	German (Thorsten Mühlfelder <thenktor@gmx.de>),
    	Russian (Sergei Smirnov <moscow@hro.org>)
    	* dialogs.h: Help URLs now have version numbers in them, so the
    	appropriate help page can be served.
    	* Makefile.am: Include new files in compilation and distribution