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Initial Spanish translation file from Paul

parent 5b7253b9
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ GETTEXT_PACKAGE=pidgin-otr
AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(GETTEXT_PACKAGE, ["$GETTEXT_PACKAGE"], [Define the gettext package to be used])
AC_OUTPUT([Makefile po/])
* es.po: Initial submission via Paul
* nl.po: Minor patches from Paul
# Off-the-Record Messaging plugin for pidgin.
# Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Ian Goldberg, Chris Alexander, Nikita Borisov
# This file is distributed under the same license as the pidgin-otr package.
# Ian Goldberg <>, 2007.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: pidgin-otr 3.1.0-es\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-07-27 08:21-0400\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-07-24 15:47-0400\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <>\n"
"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=0; null;\n"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:913
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:2095
msgid "_What's this?"
msgstr "¿ _Que es esto ?"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:924
msgid "_More..."
msgstr "_Mas..."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:980
#. Create the Advanced... button, and left-justify it. This
#. * involves adding the button, and a blank label as a spacer, and
#. * reordering them so that they're at the beginning.
msgid "Advanced..."
msgstr "Avanzado..."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1025
msgid "Enter secret here"
msgstr "Ingresa la contraseña aqui"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1030
msgid "This buddy is already authenticated."
msgstr "Este compañero ya esta autentificado."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1049
msgid "To authenticate, pick a secret known only to you and your buddy. Enter this"
"secret, then wait for your buddy to enter it too. If the secrets don't"
"match, then you may be talking to an imposter."
msgstr "Para autentifica, selecciona una contraseña conocida unicamente por ti y por tu compañero. Ingresa esta"
"contraseña, y espera a que tu compañero la ingrese. Si las contraseñas no"
"concuerdan, entonces podrías estar hablando con un impostor."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1053
msgid "If your buddy uses multiple IM accounts or multiple computers, you may have"
"to authenticate multiple times. However, as long as they use an account and"
"computer that you've seen before, you don't need to authenticate each"
"individual conversation."
msgstr "Si tu compañero utiliza múltiples cuentas de IM o múltiples computadoras, necesitaras"
"autentificarte múltiples veces. Sin embargo, siempre y cuando tu compañero utilize una cuenta y"
"computadora que ya hayan sido autentificadas anteriormente, no será necesario en"
"cada conversación individual."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1058
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1322
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1326
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1423
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1590
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1750
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1850
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1935
msgid "?lang=en"
msgstr "?lang=es"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1059
msgid "Click here for more information about authentication in OTR."
msgstr "Haz un click aqui para mas información acerca de la autentificación en OTR."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1063
msgid "Authenticating a buddy helps ensure that the person you are talking to is"
"who they claim to be."
msgstr "Autentificar a un compañero te asegura que la persona con la que supuestamente"
"estas hablando sea quien dice ser."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1113
msgid "Authenticating Buddy"
msgstr "Autentificando Compañero"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1140
msgid "Authenticating"
msgstr "Autentificando"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1201
msgid "Generating private key"
msgstr "Generando la llave privada"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1202
msgid "Please wait"
msgstr "Por favor espere"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1210
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1627
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1664
#: ../gtk-ui.c:175
#: ../otr-plugin.c:115
#: ../otr-plugin.c:212
#: ../ui.c:110
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Desconocido"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1213
#. Create the Please Wait... dialog
#, c-format
msgid "Generating private key for %s (%s)..."
msgstr "Generando la llave privada para %s (%s)..."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1258
#, c-format
msgid "%s Done."
msgstr "%s Terminado."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1320
#, c-format
msgid "%s is contacting you from an unrecognized computer. You should <a href=\"%s%"
"s\">authenticate</a> this buddy."
msgstr "%s te esta contactando desde una computadora no conocida. Necesitas "
"<a href=\"%s%s\">autentificar</a> a este compañero."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1324
#, c-format
msgid "%s has not been authenticated yet. You should <a href=\"%s%s"
"\">authenticate</a> this buddy."
msgstr "%s no ha sido autentificado todavía. Necesitas <a href=\"%s%s\">"
"autentificar</a> a este compañero."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1365
#: ../gtk-ui.c:76
msgid "Finished"
msgstr "Terminado"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1366
#: ../gtk-ui.c:75
msgid "Private"
msgstr "Privado"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1367
#: ../gtk-ui.c:74
msgid "Unverified"
msgstr "No verificado"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1368
#: ../gtk-ui.c:73
msgid "Not private"
msgstr "No privado"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1370
msgid "Start a private conversation"
msgstr "Iniciar conversación privada"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1371
msgid "Refresh the private conversation"
msgstr "Actualizar la conversación privada"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1375
msgid "Start _private conversation"
msgstr "Iniciar una conversación _privada"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1376
msgid "Refresh _private conversation"
msgstr "Actualizar la conversación _privada"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1555
msgid "I have not"
msgstr "No tengo"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1556
msgid "I have"
msgstr "Tengo"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1558
msgid " verified that this is in fact the correct"
msgstr " verificado que es correcto"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1567
#, c-format
msgid "fingerprint for %s."
msgstr "huella digital para %s."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1579
msgid "To verify the fingerprint, contact your buddy via some <i>other</i>"
"authenticated channel, such as the telephone or GPG-signed email. Each of"
"you should tell your fingerprint to the other."
msgstr "Para verificar la huella digital, contacta a tu compañero por medio de <i>otro</i>"
"canal seguro, como el telefono o correo firmado por GPG. Cada uno"
"deberá decirse la huella digital del otro."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1583
msgid "If everything matches up, you should indicate in the above dialog that you"
"<b>have</b> verified the fingerprint."
msgstr "Si todo concuerda, deberás indicar en el diálogo superior que tu"
"<b>haz</b> verificado la huella digital."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1585
msgid "If your buddy has more than one IM account, or uses more than one computer,"
"he may have multiple fingerprints."
msgstr "Si tu compañero utiliza mas de una cuenta de IM, o utiliza mas de una computadora,"
"puede tener multiples huellas digitales."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1587
msgid "However, the only way an imposter could duplicate one of your buddy's"
"fingerprints is by stealing information from her/his computer."
msgstr "Sin embargo, la unica forma que un impostor puede duplicar alguna de"
"las huellas digitales de un/a compañero/a es robandosela de su computadora."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1591
msgid "Click here for more information about fingerprints."
msgstr "Presiona aqui para mas información acerca de huellas digitales."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1594
msgid "A <b>fingerprint</b> is a unique identifier that you should use to"
"authenticate your buddy."
msgstr "Una <b>huella digital</b> es un identificador unico que sirve para"
"autentificar a un compañero/a."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1616
#, c-format
msgid "Verify fingerprint for %s"
msgstr "Verificar la huella digital para %s"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1620
msgid "[none]"
msgstr "[ninguno]"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1628
#, c-format
msgid "Fingerprint for you, %s (%s):\n"
"Purported fingerprint for %s:\n"
msgstr "Huella digital para ti, %s (%s):\n"
"Huella digital pretendida para %s:\n"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1633
#: ../gtk-ui.c:681
msgid "Verify fingerprint"
msgstr "Verificar huella digital"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1660
#, c-format
msgid "Authenticate %s"
msgstr "Autentificar %s"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1665
#, c-format
msgid "Enter a secret known only to %s and yourself.\n"
msgstr "Ingresa una contraseña conocida unicamente por %s y por ti mismo.\n"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1668
msgid "Authenticate buddy"
msgstr "Atentificar a compañero/a"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1700
msgid "An error occurred during authentication."
msgstr "A ocurrido un error en la autentificación."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1716
msgid "Authentication successful."
msgstr "Autentificación exitosa."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1719
msgid "Authentication failed."
msgstr "Autentificación fallida."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1744
#, c-format
msgid "Private conversation with %s started.%s"
msgstr "Conversación privada con %s iniciada.%s"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1748
#, c-format
msgid "<a href=\"%s%s\">Unverified</a> conversation with %%s started.%%s"
msgstr "Conversación <a href=\"%s%s\">No verificada</a> con %%s iniciada.%%s"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1756
#. This last case should never happen, since we know
#. * we're in ENCRYPTED.
#, c-format
msgid "Not private conversation with %s started.%s"
msgstr "Conversación NO privada con %s iniciada.%s"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1762
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1863
msgid " Warning: using old protocol version 1."
msgstr " Cuidado: utilizando el protocolo antiguo version 1."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1782
#, c-format
msgid "Private conversation with %s lost."
msgstr "Conversación privada con %s perdida."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1817
#, c-format
msgid "%s has ended his/her private conversation with you; you should do the same."
msgstr "%s ha terminado su conversación privada; se debería hacer lo mismo."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1842
#, c-format
msgid "Successfully refreshed the private conversation with %s.%s"
msgstr "Se a actualizado correctamente la conversación privada con %s.%s"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1847
#, c-format
msgid "Successfully refreshed the <a href=\"%s%s\">unverified</a> conversation with"
msgstr "Se ha actualizado correctamente la conversación <a href=\"%s%s\">no verificada</a> con"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1856
#. This last case should never happen, since we know
#. * we're in ENCRYPTED.
#, c-format
msgid "Successfully refreshed the not private conversation with %s.%s"
msgstr "Se ha actualizado correctamente la conversación no privada con %s.%s"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1883
#, c-format
msgid "Attempting to refresh the private conversation with %s..."
msgstr "Intentando actualizar la conversación privada con %s..."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:1885
#, c-format
msgid "Attempting to start a private conversation with %s..."
msgstr "Intentando iniciar una conversación privada con %s..."
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:2045
msgid "OTR:"
msgstr "OTR:"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:2054
msgid "OTR Messaging"
msgstr "Mensaje OTR"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:2060
msgid "_End private conversation"
msgstr "_Terminar la conversación privada"
#: ../gtk-dialog.c:2078
#. * Don't show the Verify fingerprint menu option any more. You can
#. * still get to the dialog through Authenticate connection ->
#. * Advanced...
#. *
#. menuverf = gtk_menu_item_new_with_mnemonic(_("_Verify fingerprint"));
#. gtk_menu_shell_append(GTK_MENU_SHELL(menu), menuverf);
#. gtk_widget_show(menuverf);
msgid "_Authenticate buddy"
msgstr "_Autentificar compañero"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:96
#, c-format
msgid "Fingerprint: %.80s"
msgstr "Huella digital: %.80s"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:100
#, c-format
msgid "No key present"
msgstr "No existe llave"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:105
#, c-format
msgid "No account available"
msgstr "No hay cuenta disponible"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:165
msgid "Unused"
msgstr "No utilizada"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:171
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Si"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:171
msgid "No"
msgstr "No"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:396
msgid "Enable private messaging"
msgstr "Habilitar mensajes privados"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:398
msgid "Automatically initiate private messaging"
msgstr "Iniciar automaticamente mensajes privados"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:400
msgid "Require private messaging"
msgstr "Requiere mensajes privados."
#: ../gtk-ui.c:403
msgid "Don't log OTR conversations"
msgstr "No grabar conversaciones OTR"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:531
msgid "My private keys"
msgstr "Mis llaves privadas"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:540
msgid "Key for account:"
msgstr "Llave para cuenta:"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:565
msgid "Generate"
msgstr "Generar"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:596
msgid "Default OTR Settings"
msgstr "Parametros por defecto para OTR"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:625
msgid "Screenname"
msgstr "Nombre de pantalla"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:626
msgid "Status"
msgstr "Estatus"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:627
msgid "Verified"
msgstr "Verificado"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:628
msgid "Fingerprint"
msgstr "Huella digital"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:629
msgid "Account"
msgstr "Cuenta"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:665
msgid "Start private connection"
msgstr "Iniciar conexión privada"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:673
msgid "End private connection"
msgstr "Terminar conexión privada"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:689
msgid "Forget fingerprint"
msgstr "Olvidar huella digital"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:738
msgid "Config"
msgstr "Config"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:740
msgid "Known fingerprints"
msgstr "Huellas digitales conocidas"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:838
#: ../otr-plugin.c:577
msgid "OTR Settings"
msgstr "Configuración de OTR"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:856
#. Set the title
#, c-format
msgid "OTR Settings for %s"
msgstr "Configuración OTR para %s"
#: ../gtk-ui.c:873
#. Make the cascaded checkboxes
msgid "Use default OTR settings for this buddy"
msgstr "Utilizar configuración por defecto de OTR de este compañero"
#: ../otr-plugin.c:113
#, c-format
msgid "You are not currently connected to account %s (%s)."
msgstr "Tu no estas actualmente conectado a la cuenta %s (%s)."
#: ../otr-plugin.c:117
msgid "Not connected"
msgstr "No conectado"
#: ../otr-plugin.c:161
#, c-format
msgid "Out of memory building filenames!\n"
msgstr "No hay memoria suficiente para construir nombres de archivo!\n"
#: ../otr-plugin.c:167
#, c-format
msgid "Could not write private key file\n"
msgstr "No se pudo escribir el archivo de la llave privada\n"
#: ../otr-plugin.c:210
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown account %s (%s)."
msgstr "Cuenta desconocida %s (%s)."
#: ../otr-plugin.c:214
msgid "Unknown account"
msgstr "Cuenta desconocida"
#: ../otr-plugin.c:953
msgid "Off-the-Record Messaging"
msgstr "Mensaje Fuera-de-Registro (OTR)"
#: ../otr-plugin.c:954
msgid "Provides private and secure conversations"
msgstr "Provee conversaciones privadas y seguras"
#: ../otr-plugin.c:955
msgid "Preserves the privacy of IM communications by providing encryption, "
"authentication, deniability, and perfect forward secrecy."
msgstr "Conserva la privacía de las comunicaciones de MI mediante la encripción,"
"autentificación, rechazó, asi como PFS ( perfect forward secrecy )"
#: ../ui.c:108
#, c-format
msgid "Account %s (%s) could not be found"
msgstr "La cuenta %s (%s) no puede ser encontrada"
#: ../ui.c:112
msgid "Account not found"
msgstr "La cuenta no ha sido encontrada."
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