Commit 97de6edc authored by Ian Goldberg's avatar Ian Goldberg
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Avoid a gtk warning by checking for widget existence

clist_all_unselected() was marking the four buttons in the OTR
"Known fingerprints" configuration as unselectable, but sometimes before
they existed.  Check for existence first.
parent d8e206c5
......@@ -138,10 +138,18 @@ static void account_menu_added_removed_cb(PurpleAccount *account, void *data)
static void clist_all_unselected(void)
if (ui_layout.connect_button) {
gtk_widget_set_sensitive(ui_layout.connect_button, 0);
if (ui_layout.disconnect_button) {
gtk_widget_set_sensitive(ui_layout.disconnect_button, 0);
if (ui_layout.forget_button) {
gtk_widget_set_sensitive(ui_layout.forget_button, 0);
if (ui_layout.verify_button) {
gtk_widget_set_sensitive(ui_layout.verify_button, 0);
ui_layout.selected_fprint = NULL;
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