Commit f32a2fdf authored by Rob Smits's avatar Rob Smits
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* otr-plugin.c: In otrg_plugin_conv_to_selected_instag,

	ensure conv is not NULL before dereferencing.
parent ef440e0b
......@@ -898,8 +898,8 @@ otrl_instag_t otrg_plugin_conv_to_selected_instag(PurpleConversation *conv,
otrl_instag_t selected_instance;
if (!g_hash_table_lookup_extended(conv->data, "otr-ui_selected_ctx", NULL,
(void**)&selected_instance)) {
if (!conv || !g_hash_table_lookup_extended(conv->data,
"otr-ui_selected_ctx", NULL, (void**)&selected_instance)) {
selected_instance = default_val;
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