1. 27 May, 2008 1 commit
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      · 70ef4a79
      cypherpunk authored
      	* tooltipmenu.[ch]: New classes to allow tooltips on menus.
      	* otr-icons.h: New OTR icons from <cyrus_xiii@yahoo.com>.
      	* README:
      	* AUTHORS:
      	* *.[ch]: Update copyright dates to 2004-2008 and add Rob Smits
      	as an author. (Rob wrote the new gtk-dialog stuff to handle user
      	authentication with an explicit question, inserted inline OTR
      	icons into the conversation when the status changes, and moved
      	the OTR button to the menu bar.)
      	* gtk-ui.c: Updated variable names to reflect the (old) change
      	from "OTR Options" to "OTR Settings".
      	* ui.h:
      	* ui.c:
      	* gtk-ui.c: Added new OTR UI Options section of the
      	configuration panel, which currently controls only whether the
      	old OTR button will still show up.
      	* dialogs.h:
      	* dialogs.c:
      	* gtk-dialog.c:
      	* otr-plugin.h:
      	* otr-plugin.c: Support starting the SMP authentication with an
      	explicit question.
      	* otr-plugin.c: Better handling of the case where an SMP message
      	fails a verification step.
      	* configure.ac:
      	* Makefile.mingw: Update version number to 3.2.0.
      	* gtk-dialog.c: Made new OTR menus (one master one, and one for
      	each active conversation in the window) that replace the old OTR
      	button.  [The old button is still available as an option, but
      	the menu is always present.]
      	* gtk-dialog.c: OTR icons are inserted inline into the
      	conversation when the OTR status changes.
      	* configure.ac:
      	* po/ar.po:
      	* po/de.po:
      	* po/ru.po: New translations:
      	Arabic (Ahmad Gharbeia ﺄﺤﻣﺩ ﻍﺮﺒﻳﺓ <gharbeia@gmail.com>),
      	German (Thorsten Mühlfelder <thenktor@gmx.de>),
      	Russian (Sergei Smirnov <moscow@hro.org>)
      	* dialogs.h: Help URLs now have version numbers in them, so the
      	appropriate help page can be served.
      	* Makefile.am: Include new files in compilation and distribution
  2. 26 Jul, 2007 2 commits
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      · 391d8516
      cypherpunk authored
      	* gtk-dialog.c: The SMP secret window should grab focus, but
      	only if the user requested to authenticate buddy (and not if it
      	popped up because the remote side asked for it)
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      · 6418a70c
      cypherpunk authored
      	* gtk-dialog.c:
      	* otr-plugin.c: ISO C cleanups (no mixing declarations with code)
      	* otr-plugin.c: Defend against potential NULL pointer
  3. 24 Jul, 2007 1 commit
  4. 06 May, 2007 1 commit
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      · c0964cbf
      cypherpunk authored
      	* Makefile.am:
      	* configure.ac:
      	* dialogs.c:
      	* dialogs.h:
      	* gtk-dialog.c:
      	* gtk-dialog.h:
      	* gtk-ui.c:
      	* gtk-ui.h:
      	* otr-plugin.c:
      	* otr-plugin.h:
      	* ui.c:
      	* ui.h: Porting to Pidgin 2.0.0 thanks to Reza Jelveh
      	* packaging/windows/gaim-otr.nsi:
      	* Makefile.mingw: Porting the Windows version to Pidgin 2.0.0.
  5. 28 Nov, 2006 1 commit
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      · 4fcc4317
      cypherpunk authored
      	* Makefile.mingw: Build under newer mingw cross-compilation
      	* gtk-dialog.c: Change "gtkstock.h" to "gaimstock.h" to match
      	* packaging/windows/gaim-otr.nsi: New version from Paul.
  6. 18 Dec, 2005 1 commit
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      · c89bbfc6
      cypherpunk authored
      	* gtk-dialog.c:
      	* otr-plugin.c: Compile against either gaim-1.x or gaim-2.x,
      	based on a patch from Dustin Howett <alaricx@gmail.com>.
  7. 28 Oct, 2005 1 commit
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      · c3ebdc92
      cypherpunk authored
      	* gtk-dialog.c: Make the text of dialog boxes selectable
  8. 27 Oct, 2005 2 commits
  9. 19 Oct, 2005 1 commit
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      · c4f9bd72
      cypherpunk authored
      	* dialogs.h:
      	* dialogs.c:
      	* gtk-dialog.c:
      	* otr-plugin.c: Track libotr API change: protocol_version is now
      	part of the ConnContext, and not passed separately to the
      	gone_secure() and still_secure() plugins.
  10. 16 Oct, 2005 1 commit
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      · 90a50ff1
      cypherpunk authored
      	* Conform to the new libotr API.
  11. 24 Jun, 2005 1 commit
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      · 89e49d9b
      cypherpunk authored
      	* README:
      	* Makefile.mingw:
      	* packaging/fedora/gaim-otr.spec:
      	* packaging/windows/gaim-otr.nsi:
      	* configure.ac: Change version to 3.0.0
      	* Makefile.mingw: add -lgtk_pixbuf-2.0-0 for the OTR button
      	* configure.ac: Require libotr 3.x.
      	* dialogs.h:
      	* dialogs.c (otrg_dialog_unknown_fingerprint): This function now
      	merely informs the user that a new fingerprint has been
      	received, and doesn't require the user to confirm it before it
      	can be used.
      	* dialogs.h:
      	* dialogs.c (otrg_dialog_verify_fingerprint): New function to
      	allow the user to confirm the authenticity of a fingerprint.
      	* dialogs.h: Add #defines for the online help URLs.
      	* gtk-dialog.c: There are now three states a conversation can be
      	in: Not Private (not using OTR), Unverified (using OTR, but to a
      	fingerprint that hasn't been verified, so you are subject to a
      	straightforward active attack), and Private (using OTR with a
      	verified fingerprint).  There are new icons for these states
      	that appear in the OTR button.
      	* gtk-dialog.c: Callers of create_dialog can now specify
      	additional widgets to appear in the dialog boxes.  We use this
      	primarily for the "What's this?" help widgets.
      	* gtk-dialog.c (otrg_gtk_dialog_unknown_fingerprint): This
      	function no longer has to deal with callbacks to get the user's
      	response to the new fingerprint.
      	* gtk-dialog.c: Right-clicking the OTR button now produces an
      	OTR menu, with options to start or end the private conversation,
      	verify the fingerprint, view the secure session id, or get help.
      	* gtk-dialog.c (dialog_update_label_conv): Have the OTR button
      	obey the user's requested style (text only, pictures only,
      	pictures and text, none).  Note that if the user chooses "none",
      	there's currently no way to reach the aforementioned menu.
      	* gtk-dialog.c: The "private connection established", "private
      	connection refreshed", and "private connection ended" messages
      	no longer pop up dialog boxes.  Instead, they appear inline in
      	the conversation window.  The session id and fingerprint which
      	used to appear in the "private connection established" dialog
      	are now viewable via the OTR button right-click menu.
      	* gtk-dialog.c: New dialog to view and verify fingerprints.
      	* gtk-dialog.c: New dialog to view secure session id.
      	* gtk-ui.c: New "Verify fingerprint" button in the plugin UI,
      	and rearrangement of the (now four) buttons into a 2x2 table.
      	* gtk-ui.c: New "Verified" column in the Known Fingerprints
      	* otr-plugin.c (confirm_fingerprint_cb): This function no longer
      	has to deal with callbacks due to the change in the libotr API.
      	* otr-plugin.h:
      	* otr-plugin.c (otrg_plugin_write_fingerprints): Refactored this
      	function so that other parts of the code can call it.
      	* otr-plugin.h:
      	* otr-plugin.c (otrg_plugin_conv_to_context)
      	(otrg_plugin_context_to_conv, otrg_plugin_context_to_trust): New
  12. 27 May, 2005 2 commits
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      · 62bb6dac
      cypherpunk authored
      	* otr-plugin.c:
      	* gtk-dialog.c: Replace the OTR button in the button box if the
      	user changes the button style (which causes gaim to remove all
      	the buttons, and only replace its own).
      	* gtk-dialog.c: Add a right-button context menu to the OTR
      	button.  Currently, it only has one entry, which has the same
      	effect as clicking the button; eventually, you'll be able to do
      	other things here, like getting the info currently in the
      	"Private Connection Established" dialog.  This also opens the
      	door to making the button functionality available if the user
      	hides his buttons completely (if we can find a place to make
      	this context menu appear; say, on some F-key?).
      	* otr-plugin.c (notify_cb): Initialize gaimlevel so that -Wall
      	stops complaining, even though there's no situation in which it
      	can actually get used while unset.
  13. 04 May, 2005 1 commit